Sandy's Local Union Headed for Bankruptcy!
Local 805 can’t afford fiscal recklessness, and you shouldn’t have to either.

As 2010 came to a close, Sandy Pope’s true leadership skills were revealed. Local 805 started out the year with $762,594* in net assets, but after Sandy's massive spending spree the local's net assets were reduced by over half. Left with only $297,686* in December, is it obvious to everyone that Sandy's leadership of Local 805 has been a financial disaster. How can she expect to run for General President when she can’t even handle managing a local union?

The 1,069** members of Local 805 are now facing a near bankrupt union treasury that will leave no money available for contract enforcement or organizing of new members. And this isn’t the first year they’ve encountered this drop. In 2010 Sandy had to cash in over $300,000 in stocks and bonds just to keep her local afloat. Pope managed to spend down $1.7 million of union assets in her six-year tenure at Local 805***. Teamster members can't afford to let Sandy put the International Union through the same experience. The facts don't lie. Sandy has been a failure at her small local union. Why would anyone want to give her a chance to destroy the IBT?

*Item 29 in Form LM-2 Labor Organizational Annual Report- 2010
** Item 20 in Form LM-2 Labor Organizational Annual Report
***Item 29 in Form LM-2 Labor Organizational Annual Report - 2005

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